Last training in the park before Glasgow

So tonight was the last chance for the Mathletes taking part in the Glasgow tournament this weekend to practice in the park. A much smaller turnout than expected. I have decided the reason must be the Olympics gluing our Mathletes to their TVs, dreaming of medals…

On the bright side a small turnout makes for a quality training in the park. A lot of good football and a serious amount of running took place. We even had a few anonymous supporters! Oh and did I mention we were interviewed at the end by the Chinese Olympics delegation (some say)? The team ran away from difficult questions and two of us were left to express our views on football. When asked about our favorite English player the first answer was a giggle followed by Mathlete A answering ‘Zidane’ and Mathlete B ‘Rooney’. A glorious moment.

There are still quite a few angles to smooth (no definition given) for our trip to Glasgow! First of all our kits haven’t arrived yet, which is shameful. Luckily we still have two options; 1) (clean) bibs, 2) A football team version of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes‘ (might be problematic in the Glaswegian weather). We’re also looking to replace two of our Mathletes, one of whom got injured tragically in Barcelona style ( I mean It worked…until it hurt).